The object about insurance will appear when we are talking about structured settlement. Insurance is a type of structured settlements that is considered as the easiest and common example of a structured settlement. In any type of insurance either life or property we must pay a certain sum of money in a scheduled time. In this certain scheduled time, we must pay the sum of money periodically to reap the benefit in our future life. From the previous statement, insurance works like a saving of money in the bank but can be withdrawn without certain disadvantages. When we in dire of needs of money we can withdraw the insurance as our security asset. This is known as the Structured Settlement payment. In these Settlement payments, we can get our saved periodic money we already paid.

Structured settlement payment in the structured settlement has many benefits compared with the other business income. This kind of payment is free of tax service so it means we can get full money of what we already saved without being burdened by tax service. This is very advantageous when the owner of the structured settlement has financial difficulty. A full Settlement payments means the owner can preserve longer or can even recuperate their money difficulty. This certain kinds of benefit only appear in structured settlements payment and will not appear in other business income.

On the other hand, the beneficial effect of structured settlement also has weakness in that the owner cannot change back the payment into lump sum of settlement when they already receiving Structured Settlement payments. Therefore, this will be quite a problem for some people that want to get more freedom in choice. Despite structured settlements weakness it does not mean that structural settlement is a bad option. The other benefit the structural settlement has to offers will actually cover their weakness and a good choice in dire needs.


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